Art Guild of Pacifica’s “Galleria-Open Walls”

$50 for 7’ wide gallery space – limited availability for 20 Art Guild of Pacifica members. Install artwork as desired in your space on wall in the East Gallery. Location determined by lottery. Artists must be in attendance the first weekend, December 6, 7, and 8 to handle all sales. After the first weekend, gallery attendants will be available for sales(December 14 – 15). No commission charged. Bonus: One artwork in Galleria group show at no charge. Nameplate on the wall and chair provided. Narrow table or shelf allowed (max. width 18 inches).

Installation: Artists to install their own work on Sunday, December 1, from 1 to 5 pm and Monday, December 2, from 5 to 9 pm

Download the Open Walls Call for Entry by clicking (HERE).

Group “Salon-Style” in West and Main Galleries

No pre-registration required.  Big or small, bring your work for this group show.  It will be hung “salon-style,” covering the walls of the Main and West Galleries, above and below eye-level. Any work shown previously is encouraged. AGP members can also participate in the Galleria Store with unlimited small items (see CFE for details).  AGP membership must be current to participate.

Download the Salon-Style Call for Entry by clicking (HERE).

Sanchez Art Center Studio Artists are invited to open their studios.

No fees. No pre-registration required, please confirm your participation.

Any questions call or email Daniele Derenzi at or (650) 738-9011

“Galleria – Open Walls” Registration
Deadline November 15, 2013

Please send check for $50 payable to Art Guild of Pacifica with this registration
form to: Galleria/Open Walls c/o Art Guild of Pacifica, PO Box 582, Pacifica CA 94044.

“Galleria – Salon Style Group Show”

Bring your artwork and completed entry form to the Sanchez Art Center on
December 1, from 1-5 pm or December 2, from 5-9.